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Top new business ideas


Top new business ideas


Taking over an existing webshop

If you prefer to invest in a source of income that you can manage both at home and on the go, it may be an idea to take over an existing webshop.


Depending on a number of factors (sales, profit potential, assets such as email list or social media followers, inventory, etc.), the costs can vary greatly. Some sellers are even willing to hire you as a staff member for a while to teach you exactly how their webshop should be run.


Buying and selling webshops

Exchange is a marketplace of Shopify, where you can buy and sell webshops. You can look at which companies fit your budget, your experience and your needs. Maybe you would like to buy a company that has already proven itself and you are willing to spend extra money for that. Or maybe you see a company that you think has a lot more in it than has been pulled out so far and you want to go with that.


As with anything you buy, be sure to thoroughly vet any company that seems interesting to you before you buy. What is included and what is not? Sales and other data can be checked through Shopify, so those numbers just add up.


Starting a subscription box business

Starting a subscription box business


The subscription box business has experienced explosive growth in recent years, which has led to the emergence of new brands that focus entirely on this niche. But it has also led to big brands like Sephora and Walmart selling subscription boxes.


Earning from lesser-selling products

Ashley Reynolds used products left over from her webshop, Cloth & Paper, to set up a subscription box service. If you already have a web shop, this is a good way to earn money from home on lesser-selling products.


Cloth Paper example Starting a subscription box business


Make money from home by renting out clothes

And instead of selling subscription boxes, you can also rent them out. Haverdash is a subscription box company that rents out clothing. When their customers no longer need a garment they send it back – and then Haverdash rents it to the next customer and gets even more income.


Haverdash example online clothing rental




Social media is full of pet influencers, promoting brands like BarkBox and getting thousands of likes for their adorable pets. If you have a pet, you can make it a social media influencer and collaborate with brands to promote their products online.


Make money from home by doing collaborations

Bodhi the Menswear Dog – the world’s most stylish dog – is especially well known on Instagram. If you scroll through his feed you will see that he has collaborated with several brands, such as, Spotify and Poly & Bark.


Menswear Dog. Animals as influencers


Don’t have a pet of your own? Then offer people to babysit their animals (for example, through If you would like to earn money from home you can start your own hotel where you temporarily take care of animals.



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