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Buy SpeakON or PowerCON connecting cables online

It has never been this easy to buy SpeakON cables as at the online store of LivePower. These specialists, who also have a store near Brussels, have every product you might need for your music or video setup. This, of course, includes the famous SpeakON and PowerCON cables. You can buy the full range of these audio cables in just a couple of clicks. Before you know it, they will be delivered at your home.

What cable will you choose?

When you want to buy audio cables, such as the SpeakON cables, it is important to look at the different options and compare them. This way you will be sure to buy the best of the best. The experts of this shop will surely help you in case you do not know which one to get. One of the possible options is the PowerCON 32 A connector. This cable is not only have a very sturdy, lockable single-phase AC-power cable, it is also a non-standardized 3-pole connection system. All of this makes the cable ideal for professionals. It can even handle high-power distribution equipment that both audio and video professionals use. If you are planning to organize a large event, you can even choose to buy these audio cables in bulk. This is also an option for the many other cables that they sell. Don’t let your project wait and buy SpeakON or PowerCON cables today!

Find the right fit for you

Finding the correct cable that matches with your devices can be a whole hassle. Thanks to LivePower you will be able to spare a lot of time. If you can’t find what you need, they will make the right cables for you in request. For more information, you are always welcome to send them an email or call them. Contact them today!