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At this watch shop you can easily order online

Are you looking for a new accessory to upgrade your style? Have you thought of buying yourself a watch from an online shop? Then you should consider taking a look at Aevig. This brand is a new player on the watch market and is planning on taking it by storm! The founder is a watch lover himself and has a background in film making, arts, design and Chinese food. Creativity runs in his blood, which is highly noticeable I the Aevig designs. The objective of this brand is to create timeless watches, as the name ‘Aevig’, ancient norse for ‘eternal’ suggests. Are you interested in this innovatie brand? Take a look at their collection of watches!

A beautiful selection of timeless watches

At Aevig, they focus on quality above quantity, which is which you’ll only find a limited, yet beautiful selection of watches in their online watch shop. Although their collection is rather limited, they still have models for all types of watch lovers. Are you looking for a more sporty watch? Then you will love their Valkyr. This model has a bold appearance and a boxy shape, which makes it look like a watch from the 70’s. Are you more interested in a dresswatch? Then Thor is the watch for you! This watch is the perfect accessory for a man who likes to dress to impress! Finally they have various other popular models such as the Thyïlea, the Huldra and the Corvid. Are you a big fan of the case itself, but less of the strap? You can always ask for a customized premium strap.

Order now and finalize your look

Is there a particular model that you would like from this online watch shop? Do not wait around and order today, before they are sold out. Do you have any questions regarding their products or services? Feel free to get in touch with their watch experts. They will gladly sort you out with all the information that you need.