VATT registration Spain with RM Boulanger UK

When do you need a VAT Registration Spain? You need a VAT registration in Spain when you are selling goods to Spanish consumers above the level of the treshold in Spain. This means in Spain when you sell more then 35.000 Euro a year (the Spanish goverment need money)… You have to anticipate in time and apply for a Italian VAT number. To achieve this you have to do a lot of paperwork. Most logical you need a local fiscal representative. So does this sound very complex to you? Because it can be that you are selling in more then one country. This means that you have to do this exercise for each individual EU Member State where you are selling to consumers. Also companies using Amazon or Alibaba and selling inside Europe have this issue. It is not that Amazon is handling the VAT procedure for you. So if you don’t handle in the correct way it means that you get fines afterwards. Al the profit you made is going directly to state you are dealing in. You still want to sell to European consumers? Of course, because there is a solution to overcome al this difficulties. In Europe there is the company RM Boulanger UK. This company has al the VAT skills in house to service you al the different EU Member States. Not only the Application and the fiscal representation, but also the yearly, quarterly and monthly administrative issues, because you have to send in the paperwork in time. This company is independent and not connect to one of the big accountancy firms. The advantage for you that they can work faster and cheaper. And when you want to expand to another country in Europe, you just inform your contact person inside RM Boulanger UK. This person is able to explain to another VAT specialist in a specific country or in the RM Boulanger UK office about your company and your business.

Even when you are based outside Europe it is also possible to apply for the EORI-number that is needed to import goods into Europe. This unique identifer give customs the opportunity to check the goods and they know that they are linked to your company. Once the Application procedure is handled and you finally have your EORI number you can import via every European airport or harbour. The specialists of RM Boulanger UK can arrange this EORI number for you. So for you it is easy because you do one stop shopping. And about the one stop shopping there is more that RM Boulanger UK can do for you: Claim tax back Spain Tax representation Spain Intrastats Spain

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