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The Best Fiscal Representation for the Foreign Companies


Fiscal representative Netherlands? A fiscal representative or in other words, we can say a financial representative is a person with a general warrant who acts on behalf of a foreign company with respect to all its necessities of belongings and facilities, for which Dutch VAT is outstanding, import of goods and intra-community purchases of goods. The fiscal representative will usually be equally and separately accountable for the VAT payable by the company.


Need of fiscal representative


For companies providing goods or facilities in far-off European countries, there may be requisite to VAT register as a non-resident VAT dealer. With this, under firm situations, the tax authorities will want the company to hire a fiscal representative in the target country. This tax listed corporation will be the local representative of the company, dealing with requests and filing responsibilities of the company for dealing with the tax system. They also may be accountable for the VAT liability of the company.


History of fiscal representation in the Netherlands


In December 2013, a national diktat regarding fiscal representation in the Netherlands was ordered by the State Secretary of Finance. However, the topic of this modernized verdict did not bring any considerable changes, according to the minister. Since January 1993, a foreign tycoon may assign a VAT representative in case he makes VAT related transactions. Taking into account the various changes in VAT and customs policies, a Fiscal representative Netherlands will be able to make things simpler for you, while making sure that no fallings-out occur with the system. In the Netherlands, VAT representation can be differentiated into two forms, such as by means of general license or partial license. In brief, the changes appear when it comes to duties and accountabilities of the fiscal representative.


Roles of the fiscal representative


The fiscal representative, before applying for a license needs to be accredited by the foreign capitalist first. A Fiscal representative Netherlands is a necessity if your firm carries out bringing in or distributing tasks in the Netherlands. The representative will handle all the communication with the Dutch excise and customs powers. In certain instances, when the VAT limit is exceeded, it will be the fiscal representative who will step into settling it all on your behalf. The representative in the Netherlands is the one who will handle all the issues and course of action for your business involving cross-border operations. All the filings, any administrational activities will also be taken care of by them. He or she will also instruct you on any variations in rules and regulations which could affect you.


The Fiscal representative Netherlands are highly skilled and acquainted with the latest rules and regulations of VAT and customs in the Netherlands, as well as those existing in other countries. The companies that are centered outside the European Union but want to do business in the European Union member states can face a lot of worries so the fiscal representative will help you to find significant cost-saving opportunities.


Benefits of the Dutch financial representation


Many companies in Asia, Europe and the United States of America have chosen the Netherlands as a centre for their foreign actions because there are many benefits of having it. Firstly, the Dutch tax authorities are highly flexible in the analysis and operation of tax requirements which proves beneficial for the firms who are seeking to import and export goods throughout Europe. Secondly, the Dutch tax and customs authorities have a great deal of proficiency with logistical procedures. Thirdly, it is not necessary for the foreign companies who are working with a fiscal representative to pay the VAT on imports instantly. Instead, the VAT can be paid when you file your VAT returns resulting in zero cash loss. Lastly, the Dutch tax authorities have a practical mind-set.


The companies that are not VAT-registered in the European Union, for them, fiscal representation offers an attractive opportunity. The fiscal representatives can manage all your transactions related to VAT consisting of storage after import, successive trade between organizations in different Member States and distribute consignments. With abundant opportunities, the Netherlands is a great place to start your European growth. The Netherlands may not be suitable enough for every company, but there are some rock-solid benefits that should make it to the top of your list of places to consider.